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Try these 3 Calming Thought Exercises Before Bed

Try these 3 Calming Thought Exercises Before Bed

Write Your Thoughts

Many people struggle with insomnia because their minds are very active at night and will keep them awake even when their body would really like to fall asleep. Writing out your thoughts can be one way to help quiet your mind at night because it allows you to get all of the thoughts that are circling around inside…out!

By writing your thoughts down in a notebook or just on a piece of paper, you help your mind release and let go of those thoughts. Sometimes your thoughts might revolve around something you need to do the next day so by writing it out, your mind can feel confident that you will remember what needed to be done in the morning. Other times, you might be worried about something going on in your life and by writing it out, you give it the space it needs without it circling and occupying your mind which can increase your anxiety.

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